What we do


Our ethos is simple; to help you take better photographs in a fun, simple and easy to understand way. You will leave us having learned lots and you will have done it with a smile on your face.

Photography can touch you on so many levels and mastering the basics is ridiculously easy. Forget the technical jargon which complicates and confuses, we break it down to it’s essential components, explain what each part does and how they relate to each other, give you pointers on composition and light and you are well on your way to creating beautiful images.

Of course, for those more advanced individuals, we delve into the depths of photography and explain how you can use certain techniques to push the limits of your portfolios.

Travel workshops – Learn while you travel

We host our travel workshops so that you enjoy a creative learning experience whilst travelling to beautiful destinations and making the most of your photographic experience.

  • Workshops arranged around your holiday schedule
  • On location mentoring to assist you on your shoots
  • Arrange trips to photography hotspots at the right time of the day for correct light and to avoid the masses
  • Post production workflows and failsafe back up procedures
  • Post production editing and mentoring with structured critique and feedback sessions

Whether you’re a beginner who has never touched the controls of a camera or drone, or an experienced photographer or pilot who wants help getting better photos or video shots, or to learn more about working commercially, then these hands-on workshops are the perfect way to develop your skill set.

Never again need you come back wishing that you had known how to take a photograph in a certain way. We will help you nail it every time!

Pre and post holiday training

Optional workshops and seminars to wrap around the travel workshops that we provide. Can also be arranged as stand alone workshops for people who wish to cover certain things before their holiday.

  • Materials for your to read before your trip
  • Photography workshops
  • A consultation call to assess your proficiency, what you would like to have learned by the end of your holiday and most importantly of all, if there is anything specifically that you would like to photography while you are away
  • Follow up mentoring with structured critique and feedback session

Corporate workshops and team building days

We run special workshop packages for any businesses that wishes to incorporate any aspect of our training for their employees.


Our workshops are tailored specifically to your needs and as such, it is impossible to give a one size fits all figure.

Please call so that we can get an idea of what you would like and then we can put together a quote for you.