Workshop Content

All of our travel photography workshops are tailored to fit around you

We are completely flexible on the the number of sessions you would like, how long you would like each session to be and on the content of what is included in each session. We are here to fill your photography gaps, so after a brief consultation, we will put together a programme for you which we can fit exactly to your needs.

You don’t even need a camera or drone! We will have equipment on the training workshops for you to play around with. All you need is the curiosity to learn more about travel photography.

Below are the aspects of photography that we cover, in what we consider to be the rough order of importance and accessibility, on the travel photography workshops.

Photography part 1.

Photography for everyone – inc. Smart phones and compact cameras

The fundamentals of taking better photographs are always the same.This course looks at the basics of photography and is designed for everyone, no matter what type of camera you have or what level of photographer you are.

  • Light
  • Composition – rule of thirds, vanishing points, perspective, emphasising form, viewpoint, shape, textures, patterns, colour harmony and contrast, framing the image, balance and proportion, what to crop
  • Black and white
  • Breaking the rules!
  • Partner and friends photos – light, setting and posing
  • Candid street photography – people and places
  • Development of a project
  • Post Production – cropping, straightening, colour balance, removing unwanted items (& people!), curves & levels

Photography part 2.

Photography for digital cameras with manual settings

For those people who have a camera with manual settings and who would like to explore how to use those settings to their full potential. Learn how simple it is to use the settings to take amazing photos and never use the Auto button again!

  • Understanding ISO, f-stops (aperture) and shutter speed and their 3-way relationship
  • Manual exposure – combine the 3 settings for correct exposure
  • Practical Metering – white balance, single point of focus, style and colour
  • Shutter speed for blurring or freezing subjects
  • Aperture settings for shallow depth of field or for having everything in focus
  • Tripod work with long shutter speeds and small apertures (high f numbers) – landscape photography and night photography
  • Flash photography – fill flash, rear curtain flash, painting with light, off camera flash


Drone workshops

As passionate photographers and creatives, we are all becoming more familiar with stunning aerial scenes from around the world and access to these aerial platforms are becoming more affordable to all of us. However, like a chef with ingredients, without the correct training, skill and passion for creating a meal, it is nothing more than a just that, ingredients. With the correct experience and training you can bring your passion to the next level.

In this course, you’ll learn how to capture stunning aerial shots with an impressive range of professional aerial gear. You’ll get an introduction to the best tools for beginners and see demonstrations of the sophisticated gear used by the most in-demand professional photographers and filmmakers. You’ll learn essential skills for controlling a UAV flight; basic flight controls, necessary equipment for successful shooting, planning and lining up the perfect shots, flight prep and safety, waypoint navigation and more. You’ll gain an understanding of the production and post-production techniques unique and essential to aerial photography – including how to create stunning panoramic photos, and remove lens distortion in your photos and videos.

If you’re ready to explore this wonderful world from a new elevated visual perspective, then this is the course for you!

Drone topics Covered

  • Introduction to aerial photography and filming
  • Drone types and uses
  • Pre-flight equipment and associated gear
  • Demonstration
  • Basics of flight
  • Aerial photography
  • Advanced aerial techniques e.g. 360 degree panoramas
  • Aerial law – regulations

Unquestionably, we are in the pioneering stages of a brand new aerial revolution so if you want to turn your passion for photography into a career then this may well be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Those who know how to fly are beginning to have a whole new world of opportunities open up to them with the film and advertising industries already seeing major transformations as flying cameras are now the norm.

It’s an exciting time to be a part of this new aerial economy so this workshop will help you get up to speed and add the valuable and rewarding skill of drone-based aerial imaging to your skill-set.